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Nodes Amsterdam | The Rise of Voice in Digital Transformation
23 May | 16.00 - 19.00

After our highly appreciated event series in Denmark, UK, and Germany, we are bringing the conversation to The Netherlands, Amsterdam.


Users are already loving it. Your tech team is talking about it. You’ve read about it. Join to understand why and how to add the voice channel to your business. Learn from revolutionary brand leaders and the world’s best voice thought leaders.

OVERALL || Networking & Knowledge sharing with experts and business leaders. We end with an exercise where we all smartly develop our own voice service. Inspirational, fun, and giving you take aways what your conversational future will look like.

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Location: Hotel V | Fizeaustraat 2 | 1097 SC | The Palm Room

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Speakers & Program

Martine van der Lee gastspreker Nodes Agency the Rise of Voice - Nodes Amsterdam Event | 23 May 2019 | The Rise of Voice in Digital Transformation

KLM | The Future of Digital Transformation

Martine van der Lee – Director of Social Media

The oldest airline in the world KLM is a global leader in how they innovate with the new voice channel. The impressive part of KLM’s story is that they have successfully added not just voice but also Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat and many other modern ‘social’ channels which today covers 20% (!) of their service communication. How to become this innovative, and how to make room for new channels such as these?

Martine van der Lee, the director of Social Media at KLM is the one responsible for making sure that these new channels are optimally used and added to the organization. Van der Lee shares how KLM made the integration successful as well as what they did. Watch the video for a short (Dutch) introduction of their voice services.

Naos Wilbrink Nodes Digital Agency Amsterdam. Full Service App Ontwikkelaar en Digitale Transformatie Services 200x200 - Nodes Amsterdam Event | 23 May 2019 | The Rise of Voice in Digital Transformation

Host of the event

Naos Wilbrink – Managing Director, Nodes

Your host throughout the event is Naos Wilbrink, Managing Director of Nodes Netherlands, pilot, successful entrepreneur & philanthropist. Together with the Nodes Agency team he’s is on a mission to bring the future world closer and take the step beyond Digital Transformation; People Accelerated Transformation.

Maarten Lens FitzGerald Head of Voice Services Nodes Digital Agency   App ontwikkelaar Amsterdam 200x200 - Nodes Amsterdam Event | 23 May 2019 | The Rise of Voice in Digital Transformation

The Rise of Voice

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald – Global Head of Voice, Nodes

‘What comes after digital transformation and how can I use it to grow my bottom line?’
Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will answer this key question and guides you through the process of voice and how this channel helps your digital transformation get ready for the next level.

The new channel of voice has 2 billion endpoints today. These are not just smart speakers but also phones and computers where people talk with their smart assistants. Adoption of the voice channel is faster than mobile and the web. How does this threaten, or influence, your business and how can you use the opportunities it brings? Take a front row seat throughout the inspirational session wherein voice thought leader Lens-FitzGerald – who’s invited to the world’s largest events to share his expert vision on this topic – will share his knowledge.

Followed by a hands-on exercise giving you take aways for your own company on the spot.

‘Why use the new voice channel and how?’
‘Is the people centered organization something to use in my business for better inclusion and growth?’
Sit back before getting started to find all crucial information, necessary to answer these and future questions applying to your own situation.

3 key take aways

Industry insights

What experiences do leading companies have with on-boarding?

Best practices

What processes are best suited to merge future technical digital transformation processes?

Latest trends

What can we learn from enterprises when it comes to future oriented digital transformations?

The Rise of Voice in Digital Transformation | Amsterdam Event
23 May 2019 from 16.00 – 19.00

Location: Hotel V, Fizeaustraat 2, 1097 SC Amsterdam (The Palm Room)
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