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Summary Internet Week Denmark IWDK 2019

Summary Internet Week Denmark IWDK 2019

English summary of Internet Week Denmark (IWDK) 2019 where Nodes’ Global Head of Voice Maarten Lens-FitzGerald shared his expertise on Voice technology. Both risks, opportunities, and future challenges were discussed.

In this video Nodes’ Global Head of Voice, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald takes you through why Voice technology, the innovation focussed on automated conversations via smart speakers, voice bots and mobile assistants, apart from success has a very critical downside too. Growing faster than any digital interface ever, at the same time Voice is the reddest ocean ever.

Watch the video, made during Lens-FitzGerald’s expert presentation for IWDK 2019, to find key knowledge on topics within Voice innovation such as:

  • What are the risks of using Google Assistant and/or other smart speakers, voice bots and mobile assistants to your company
  • What are the latest developments in the field of Voice marketing services?
  • What are the challenges of this fast-growing medium for both consumers and businesses?

Please find the full Risks of Voice integration presentation used during the event here

Google Assistant smart speaker voordelen en nadelen  - Summary Internet Week Denmark IWDK 2019The positive side: all opportunities growing rapidly

Apart from the fact that there are risks for sure, that doesn’t take away that the advantages in Voice technique and innovation in Google Assistant and other smart speaker and mobile devices now are amazing. Specifically looking at the convenience part, using the only skill everyone naturally uses from the moment we were born. Just a short summary from Google I/O 2019:

Check this page frequently to stay up-to-date with new Voice technology releases. More information and updates will be published soon.

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